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Sport Fishing Info.

Tarpon tackle

6 to 7 foot heavy action rod with reel capable of holding 200 to 250 yards of 20 to 25 pounds test line. Extra terminal leader material (80 lb. minimum recommended).



Coast hawks, 2 oz. multicolor. Buck tail jigs 1 1/2 to 2 oz. multicolor with jelly tails in red-yellow-orange-white. Rapalas #11 and #14, sinking and floating in red-white/blue and green mackerel. Mirror lures, M65 in Fire Tiger, Blue, White, Silver combination, Red, Yellow and Gold combination.

Fly fishing tackle for tarpon

9 foot #11 or #12 fly rods for 12 weight line. Sinking fly lines of 600 grain density compensated sinking and depth charge or straight lead core lines and shooting heads work well fishing at the mouth of the rivers or out in the deeper saltwater. In the rivers a medium or intermediate sinking fly line works best. There are times when a floating WF fly line may work better, especially if the fish are taking poppers or surface feeding. Fly Reels must have sturdy drags with direct or anti-reverse drivers, be saltwater resistant and have a backing capacity of more than 250 yds. Bring sufficient leader material for building your choice of leaders. The minimum recommendation is a 20 lb. tippet utilizing an 80 lb. shock.

Fly fishing lures for tarpon

Whistler or Clouser tied streamers in colors White/Silver, Orange/#062B6E, White/Yellow, Blue/White or Cockroach patterns with buck tail/feather, buck tail/rabbit fur are good producers of positive strikes. Most streamer flies should be weighted. Flashabou is optional and utilize a 3/0 saltwater hook. Large poppers are good if the fish are feeding on the surface.


Snook Tackle

Medium action rod and reel with capacity to hold 150 yards of 15 to 17 pounds test line.

Lures for snook

Red and white in Mirror Lures. Rapalas and Rattle Traps in Fire Tiger, Blue/Silver and Orange colors work well. Small to medium (3/4 to 1 ounce) buck tail jigs with jelly tails. Surface plugs such as Creek Chub Darters in red and white, Sosin Jumpin Minnow in red and yellow and Zara Spooks in blue and white are also good.

Fly tackle for snook

9 foot #8 or #9 fly rods for 8 or 9 weight density compensated sinking or Hi-D line or when fishing from the beach it would be best to use Hi-D or Floating Shooting Heads. Reels capable of handling 150 yards of 20 lb. backing with 12 to 15 lb. tippet and 40 lb. shock rigged according to angler’s desire.

Guapote Bass Mojarra and Machaca

Light to ultra light bass tackle, 6 to 12 pound line.


Poppers, small rapalas and cray fish, crank baits; spinner baits in multicolor. General Bass tackle works well.

Fly fishing tackle

7 to 9 foot #4 to #8 fly rods for 4-8 weight WF floating fly lines. When using large popping bugs or on windy days, a bug taper is advised. Multicolored, natural cork and foam bodied poppers sized 4, 6, 8 with rubber legs are popular. Pencil, Slider and hair bodied poppers are sometimes very productive in color of #062B6E/Yellow, Orange/Red, Yellow/#062B6E and Chartreuse. Machaca fishing requires using a short piece of light wire shock leader because of its teeth. Poppers with long shank hooks are also preferred.

Wet flies are also used and are very productive when the mojarra and machaca fail to strike the poppers. Small streamers in yellow, red and tinsel color combinations are effective. Shrimp flies in beige, brown and gray produce when the fish are feeding deep. Yellow nymphs, small Clousers in size 8 hooks are also effective.

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