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From the high cloud forest of Costa Rica to the lowlands of the Nicaraguan jungle, you will find a great deal of indigenous species of plants and animals that do not exist in other parts of the world. The Rio Indio Lodge rests on the banks of the San Juan River surrounded by 870,000 acres of rainforest at the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve, which makes it the largest rainforest north of the Amazon Jungle.

Red-Lored Parrot

Royal Flycatcher

Black Throated Trogon

Costa Rica and Nicaragua are world famous for their biodiversity and are home to more than 750 recorded species of birds, which is more species than in Canada and the United States combined.


The Rio Indio Lodge represents a rare and unique opportunity for the traveling birder. There is a huge variety of species to observe and all of the tour groups are lead by an ornithologist specialist from the national universities. The lodge has excellent facilities, accommodations, staff and gourmet food. You also have the use of an extensive network of hiking trails on the lodge's private 200 plus acre grounds. The entire complex is located next to a remote, limited access biological reserve. Guests of the Rio Indio Lodge not only have access to that reserve, they are guided by indigenous Rama Indians through their pristine jungle home. The birding tours offered by The Rio Indio Lodge are truly a unique experience.
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