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Indio Maiz Biological Reserve
The Indio Maiz Biological Reserve is the largest continuous reserve of lowland tropical rainforest north of the Amazon Jungle. Its 850,000 acres are located in southeastern Nicaragua, bordered on the north by the Rio Punta Gordo, on the south by the Rio San Juan and on the east by the Caribbean Sea. This extensive tract of jungle has no roads, and travel within the area is either by boat or on foot. It is a remote and undeveloped reserve that only permits limited access.
Southeastern Nicaragua is a land made up of jungles that are full of rivers, lakes, abundant wildlife and the brilliant colors of its tropical flowering plants. The indigenous Rama Indains have for centuries been the sole inhabitants of this land called Indio Maiz. They are simple people who live by hunting, gathering and fishing. Their homes, tools and boats are mostly made by hand. Their culture and traditions have been passed down for generations and are still intact, as they have minimal contact with the outside world.

The 365 -acre grounds of The Rio Indio Lodge provide a window into the vast jungle that lies beyond.You can spend the entire day just hiking the trails on the property. Or, you can be led by your Rama Indian guide into the wondrous Indio Maiz Biological Reserve for a true jungle adventure. Either way, you will come away from your experience here with a real understanding and love for this beautiful place the Rama call home.

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